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  • Winning team of 11º Edição Nacional - Poliempreende - Concurso de Ideias e Planos de Negócio - 2014
    Mentor of the winning Project "Wheelchair-Head Motion Unit". The team was composed of 2 students of the Escola Superior de Gestão de Tomar (Catarina Pires e Diogo Pirão), 2 students of the Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Tomar (Cláudio Caramelo e Fábio Pereira), and me (Gabriel Pires), Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The project included the collaboration of the coordinator of the center of entrepreneurship and innovation of IPT, Prof. Olinda Sequeira.

    The Poliempreende is a contest of ideas and business plans that evaluates and rewards projects developed and presented by students, graduates and teachers of Portuguese Polytechnics. The 11º Edition inlcuded 20 participant teams.

    Poliempreende is an initiative of "Programa estratégico para o empreendedorismo e a Inovação" e do "Conselho Coordenador dos Institutos Superiores Politécnicos"

  • 2nd prize on the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2012 in the Phd category
    G.Pires, "The effective use of brain-computer interfaces in real-world applications"

    Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge is an Idea Contest Awarding Research of Practical Utility. Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge is an initiative from Fraunhofer AICOS, whose main objective is to reward the scientific investigation with “practical utility” done in Portuguese Universities  in the areas of ICT, Multimedia and other related Sciences.

  • "Engineering prize" (best robot design) award in the national portuguese Micro-robot (Microrato) contest 2000, attributed by an international jury. And 5th classified in the mobile robot navigation competition. Participation of 29 teams.
    I was the mentor/supervisor of the "BlueT" team, composed of students (Paulo Ferreira, Fernando Sousa,  Paulo Inácio, Ezequiel Bráz) and teachers (me (Gabriel Pires) and Paulo Coelho) from IPT.