This page contains codes/softwares associated to the research done on Publications


iMU-ZOTS Toolbox (2019):

A toolbox to iteratively learning of a fuzzy system composed of addition of multiple univariate zero-order T-S fuzzy systems:
  • Toolbox webpage: iMU-ZOTS Toolbox (Software source code and Manual) .

  • Paper: Jérôme Mendes, Francisco A. A. Souza, Ricardo Maia, and Rui Araújo. Iterative learning of multiple univariate zero-order t-s fuzzy systems. In Proc. of the The IEEE 45th Annual Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society (IECON 2019), pages 3657-3662, Lisbon, Portugal, October 14-17 2019. IEEE. [doi]

GAM-ZOTS Toolbox (2019):

A toolbox to neo-fuzzy neuron systems identification learning based on backfitting algorithm:
  • Toolbox webpage: GAM-ZOTS Toolbox (Software source code and Manual) .

  • Paper: Jérôme Mendes, Francisco Souza, Rui Araújo, and Saeid Rastegar. Neo-fuzzy neuron learning using backfitting algorithm. Neural Computing and Applications, 31(8):3609–3618, August 2019. [doi]

Fuzzy control

uSelf-FLC Toolbox (2020):

A toolbox to self-evolve a direct fuzzy controller represented by univariate control rules:n
  • Toolbox webpage: uSelf-FLC Toolbox (Software source code and Manual) .

  • Paper: Jérôme Mendes, Ricardo Maia, Rui Araújo, and Francisco A. A. Souza. Self-Evolving Fuzzy Controller Composed of Univariate Fuzzy Control Rules. Applied Science, 10(17):5836, August 2020. [doi]

SEDFLC Toolbox (2017):

A toolbox to self-evolve an online fuzzy controller:
  • Toolbox webpage: SEDFLC Toolbox (Software source code and Manual).

  • Paper: Jérôme Mendes, Francisco Souza and Rui Araújo. Online Evolving Fuzzy Control Design: An Application to a CSTR Plant. IEEE 15th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN 2017), pages 1-8, Emden, Germany, July 24 - July 17. IEEE. [doi]

PID control

Self-Tuning PID Controllers Toolbox (2017):

A toolbox to self-tuning PID controllers
  • Toolbox webpage: Self-Tuning PID Controllers Toolbox Software source code and Manual) .

  • Paper: Jérôme Mendes, Luís Osório, and Rui Araújo. Self-tuning pid controllers in pursuit of plug and play capacity. Control Engineering Practice, 69:73–84, December 2017. [doi]