AIRMA Project
Automatic Image Recognition for Mobile Advertising

The AIRMA project aims to develop a software system for automatic recognition of advertising
content contained in photographs taken with a mobile phone.

Let's consider the following use case: an advertising company intends to promote the sales of a soda in cans and therefore inform consumers that they should take a picture of the product and send it through their mobile phone. By doing this, the consumer will be eligible to receive a discount coupon, win a prize or participate on an advertising contest. The system is able to receive the image sent by the mobile phone and enters into a process of automatically recognizing the brand, product or codes self-contained in the photo. The successful recognition of the promotion will associate it
to the consumer.

In this scenario, the consumer only needs to get a picture and send it via the mobile phone. The advertising company maintains a database of the participants and later will be able to make direct campaigns and promotions.

The AIRMA system is targeted for clients of big brand companies, advertising companies as well as mobile network operators. The project is a partnership between the WIT-Software company and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) from University of Coimbra.

The DEEC is responsible for the research and development of the software module for
recognizing advertising content into the images. WIT-Software is responsible for the implementation of a software system that includes a central server with a web interface for the management of brands, campaigns and users, etc. and it will integrate the outcomes of the work undertaken by DEEC. Additionally, the software prototype to be developed and installed in the mobile phone will be able to:

                (i) capture images from the mobile phone's camera;
               (ii) send image to the central server;
              (iii) provide relevant information to the user, in case of successful recognition of brands                     contained in the photo.