Gonçalo S. Martins is currently a Ph.D. Student and Research Engineer at the University of Coimbra, focusing on the development of User-Adaptive Human-Robot Interfaces, User Modelling and Machine Learning techniques. To this end, he actively cooperates with the GrowMeUp consortium, working closely with researchers, caregivers and elderly end-users.

He is currently developing his work as a part of the AP4ISR Team. He is developing his PhD work under the supervision of Prof. Jorge Dias and Dr. Luís Santos, in the context of Project GrowMeUp. He is also a research fellow under the supervision of Prof. Rui P. Rocha, in the context of Project EuroAGE.

In this page you will find useful information on my professional activities, including my latest publications, news, pages dedicated to my main research topics, and how to contact me.


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