As a researcher, one of my goals is to publish the latest developments of my research in publications that will reach the community in the most effective manner.

All of my publications produced within the AP4ISR team can be found in my page @ AP4ISR. Additionally, this list can also be found in my Mendeley profile. Software packages I have developed, both professionally and for personal uses, can be found on my Github profile.

You can also find my list of scientific publications below, including PDFs for most.

Software Packages

Scientific Articles


  • Hend Al Tair, Gonçalo S. Martins, Luís Santos, Jorge Dias, aPOMDP: State-Based Decision Making for Personalized Assistive Robots, Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Workshop 3: Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments [accepted].

  • Gonçalo S. Martins, Luís Santos and Jorge Dias, bum_ros: Distributed User Modelling for Social Robots using ROS, Robot Operating System (ROS): The Complete Reference (Volume 3), Springer [accepted].

  • Gonçalo S. Martins, Hend Al Tair, Luís Santos and Jorge Dias – ”POMDP: POMDP-based user adaptive decision making for social robots”. In Pattern Recognition Letters [Online 13th March], 2018.


  • Martins, Gonçalo S.; Santos, Luís; Dias, Jorge, BUM: Bayesian User Model for Distributed Social Robots, 26th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, RO-MAN, Lisbon, Portugal, 2017
  • Oliveira, José; Martins, Gonçalo S.; Jegundo, Ana; Dantas, Carina; Wings, Cindy; Luis, Santos; Dias, Jorge; Perdigão, Fernando, Speaking Robots: The Challenges of Acceptance by the Ageing Society, 26th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, RO-MAN, Lisbon, Portugal, 2017


  • Martins, G. S., Ferreira, P., Santos, L., & Dias, J., A Context-Aware Adaptability Model for Service Robots, In IJCAI-2016 Workshop on Autonomous Mobile Service Robots, New York.


  • G. S. Martins, D. Portugal and R. P. Rocha, “On the Usage of General-Purpose Compression Techniques for the Optimization of Inter-Robot Communication”, In J. Filipe, O. Gusikhin, K. Madani, J. Sasiadek (editors), Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE) series, vol. 370, pp. 223-240, Springer-Verlag, Nov. 2015.
  • Martins, G. S., Santos, L., & Dias, J. (2015). Towards a Context-Aware Adaptable Services Framework with Applications in Elderly Care. In Workshop on Improving the Quality of Life in the Elderly using Robotic Assistive Technology, International Conference of Social Robotics. Paris.
  • Martins, G. S., Santos, L., & Dias, J. (2015). The GrowMeUp Project and the Applicability of Action Recognition Techniques. In J. Dias, F. Escolano, G. Ezzopardi, & R. Marfil (Eds.), Third Workshop on Recognition and Action for Scene Understanding (REACTS). Ruiz de Aloza.


  • Gonçalo S. Martins, David Portugal, and Rui P. Rocha, “A Comparison of General-Purpose FOSS Compression Techniques for Efficient Communication in Cooperative Multi-Robot Tasks”, In Proc. of 11th Int. Conf. on Informatics in Control , Automation and Robotics (ICINCO 2014), Vienna, Austria, pp. 136-147, Sep. 1-3, 2014.
  • Gonçalo S. Martins, “A Cooperative SLAM Framework with Efficient Information Sharing over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks”, M.Sc. dissertation, July 2014. (Supervisor: Prof. Rui P. Rocha; Co-supervisor: Eng. David Portugal)