The FD-WWTP Toolbox

This toolbox contains the data and methodologies to fault detection in Wastewater Treatment Plants. Convolutional and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) autoencoders (AEs) were used to identify failures:

  • Rodrigo Salles, Jérôme Mendes, Rita P. Ribeiro, and João Gama. Fault Detection in Wastewater Treatment Plants. The 7th Workshop on Data Science for Social Good, Grenoble, France, September 23, 2022.

Abstract: Water is a fundamental human resource and its scarcity is reflected in social, economic and environmental problems. Water used in human activities must be treated before reusing or returning to nature. This treatment takes place in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), which need to perform their functions with high quality, low cost, and reduced environmental impact. This paper aims to identify failures in real-time, using streaming data to provide the necessary preventive actions to minimize damage to WWTPs, heavy fines and, ultimately, environmental hazards. Convolutional and Long short-term memory (LSTM) autoencoders (AEs) were used to identify failures in the functioning of the dissolved oxygen sensor used in WWTPs. Five faults were considered (drift, bias, precision degradation, spike and stuck) in three different scenarios with variations in the appearance order, intensity and duration of the faults. The best performance, considering different model configurations, was achieved by Convolutional-AE.

Software source code: The FD-WWTP Toolbox (XY)

How to Run

For use with Scilab:
  • MainFile_Controllers.sce – Just run the file.