The Self-Tuning PID Controllers Toolbox

This toolbox contains the self-tuning PID controllers published in:

  • Jérôme Mendes, Luís Osório, and Rui Araújo. Self-tuning pid controllers in pursuit of plug and play capacity. Control Engineering Practice, 69:73–84, December 2017. [doi]

Abstract: This work addresses the problem of controlling unknown and time varying plants for industrial applications. The concept of “plug-and-play” was pursued using control algorithms that auto-adapt their control parameters in order to control unknown and time-varying plants. Self-Tuning Controllers (STC) with PID form were studied and tested on a real process setup. The setup is composed of two coupled DC motors and a variable load. Controllers’ performances were compared in order to distinguish which controllers perform better, which are easier to set up, which have a better initial response, and which enable faster reaction to plant variations and load disturbances.

Software source code: The Self-Tuning PID Controllers Toolbox (Scilab implementation)

How to Run

For use with Scilab:
  • MainFile_Controllers.sce – Just run the file.