A polysomnographic (PSG) dataset named ISRUC-Sleep that was created aiming to help sleep researchers in their studies. The data were obtained from human adults, including healthy subjects, and subjects with sleep disorders under the e fect of sleep medication. The dataset, which is structured to support different research objectives, comprises three groups of data:

  1. data concerning 100 subjects, with one recording session per subject;
  2. data gathered from 8 subjects; two recording sessions were performed per subject, which are useful for studies involving changes in the PSG signals over time;
  3. data collected from one recording session related to 10 healthy subjects, which are useful for studies involving comparison of healthy subjects with the patients suff ering of sleep disorders.

The PSG recordings, associated with each subject, were visually scored by two human experts.The PSG recordings include electrophysiological signals, pneumological signals, and another contextual information of the subjects.



Automatic Sleep Staging


Image Watermarking


IRIS Recognition